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Six Key Problems Faced by Every Android Developer

The life of a developer is not easy, especially with the challenge of coding correctly and meeting customer expectations every time. Android developers are no different in the way when customers approach them with requirements, while already understanding the technical space, and expecting a world class product that solves their immediate needs.

The Android ecosystem has seen a substantial boost in the past few years with almost everyone wishing to develop an android app for their business. In this jungle of highly competitive android developers, let us have a look at six key problems that every android developer must overcome in order to make his or her mark:

Creating an out of the box app:

With the global mobile market flooded with multiple android based apps, a developer needs to design an app which stands out from others in every aspect – be it graphics, user interface, functionality, and responsive design. Instead of blindly copying competitors, an android developer needs to focus on usability design and key technical aspects.

Mobile content management:

The demand for mobile app content is on a high. An increase in the number of smartphone users further pushes the need for quality apps that are rich in videos, images, animations, and text content formats. Often, the performance of wireless networks and connection drops make it challenging to deliver rich content which is high on bandwidth consumption. A possible solution is to keep upgrading the app version and use mobile content management systems such as Alfresco and Airwatch.


The facility of geo-location within mobile apps has created a lucrative opportunity for developers, especially related to the practical and monetization aspects. Developers must learn to exploit the functionality offered by geolocation and then use it to extend their customer base and retention.

Performance Optimization:

Whatever be your android app specialty, the app needs to perform well. Developers that are able to work in android app optimization are likely to secure better customer recommendations and reviews since these apps are better equipped in performing on variable networks and device configurations.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction:

Quality products are the best tools to attract and retain customers. An android developer needs to work on ensuring a high quality of the apps designed, which meet customer expectations, and most importantly, delight them. Customer delight or satisfaction per se can act as a key service differentiator for android developers, in a competitive android development ecosystem.

Balancing act:

Usability of an Android app is the most critical aspect. A mobile app has to appeal to the user, be user-friendly, and be secure all at the same time. An Android developer has to discuss the usability design with app designer and then balance the technology with display and functions so that all stakeholders including developer, designer, end user and the client are happy with the app outcomes.

A successful Android developer pays attention to client requirements and also addresses the demands of the end users. Development is an ongoing strategic task, and with each passing stage, results are enhanced.

Building a world class Android app? Now what?

Only a handful out of the many developers we talk to express their concern for security. Most developers have their attention on functionalities and user experience. While both those elements are important, building your app with security right from the get go is to us, the most important element in business success. Users entrust their private and personal information to you when they use your app when that trust is broken, they are never coming back and they are going to be telling others not to come back either.

Fortunately, there are a few tools like Devknox that check your app right from the get-go while you code in real time and inform you of all your possible threats and vulnerabilities. It’s a simple plugin that you can install free and be stress-free about all your security concerns for your app.

Sounds too good to be true?

Try Devknox

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