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Devknox – Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) can be considered as testing an application from the inside out – by examining its source code or application binaries for issues based on the configuration which points towards a security vulnerability.

Gartner has stated and shown that more than 75% of mobile applications fail basic security testing.

71% of developers believe security is not addressed during the application development lifecycle – Security Innovation Europe.

Devknox’s static application testing module helps developers identify loopholes or vulnerabilities in mobile applications, in less than ten minutes. Our 36 different test cases cover industry security compliances like OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other commonly exploited basic security threat parameters. Your report is then generated with threat details listed with zero false positives according to high, medium and low severity.


Devknox has a built in CI integration feature that lets you assess your app even during development or before it’s published on the Appstore or Playstore. Our SAST analysis runs on all three platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. We also have the capabilities to test wearables.  

Devknox’s architecture is built using multiple ‘task-workers’. Each worker runs on a different machine to scan applications in parallel to one another. This means that as a business or a group of developers you can perform multiple scans simultaneously without any interruption on the Devknox dashboard.

Got plans to scale mobile apps you’re building?

No problem! Try Devknox SAST and scale without incurring absurd costs on security resources or additional teams.  

Our responsibility, after all, is not just to build great apps but also more secure ones.

How Devknox SAST works?

  1. Copy paste your app’s URL or upload APK to initiate scan
  2. Get your static testing results overview in under 10 minutes on your dashboard
  3. Download your detailed pdf report

Now that you have seen what Devknox SAST can do to help you build secure apps, take a look at how Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) helps you dive down deeper to identify more critical threats.

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