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Announcing Devknox – Autocorrect for Security Issues

After spending close to two years on our mobile security solution for businesses, we’ve realized the need for something easier for developers to take care of security as they build apps.

Devknox is a first of its kind security tool that enables developers to detect and resolve security issues as they write code in Android Studio. While it checks for basic security issues, developers also get real-time suggestions to fix these issues instantly. Consider it to be like an autocorrect for security issues.

Key features of Devknox:
  • Intuitive Report Window – Devknox’s report window displays the name of your issues, the location of the issues, with an option for you to fix and suppress the issues right from the report window itself.Devknox - Intuitive Report Window
  • Advanced Issue Detection –
    a. Your issues are highlighted with a red underlined annotation for easy identification.
    b. We’ve implemented an ‘IDE Editor Marking’ and a ‘Quick Jump to Issue’ feature in the editor itself.
    c. You also have a Problem Synopsis as well as Detailed Information in TooltipAnnouncing Devknox - Autocorrect for Security Issues
  • Quick fixes for all issues – See the overview of your threats listed and fix them all at once with one single command.
    Devknox - Quick fixes for all issues
  • User Preferences for Issue types – We check for 26 test cases by default. Choose which test cases you want to be scanned and switch off  the ones that you don’t need.Devknox - User Preference for Issues
Why should Apple take all the credit?

We’re well aware that the industry acknowledges Apple as the more secure OS as compared to Google. Why should they be? With Devknox, Google can now ensure that apps pushed onto the Play Store at least have basic security clearance which gives a boost to the overall quality of the Play Store.

Hunted on Product Hunt!

We’ve recently been hunted on Product Hunt and have received tremendous appreciation from over 200+ active users within just a few days.

What our users have to say about using Devknox:

“I was never aware about security issues while building apps before. The plugin is very easy to use.”
Gaurav Gladstone,

“I have started using the plugin and it is good as of now. Thank you for the wonderful plugin and support.”
– Kunal Singh, Wisemoo Labs

“Installation was easy. Scan report showed me some left over logs and PRNGs. Pretty handy tool. I will keep using it.”
– Srihari Yachamaneni, Spuul

Building secure Android apps has never been this easy!

Go ahead and take back the credit that belongs to you. Start your journey of building hackproof mobile apps with Devknox. Oh and the best part – It’s Free!
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  • j2emanue

    why do you need me to log in to use devknox? are you transferring code to analyze over the net ?

    • Login is done only to validate your account. All the security checks are performed locally on your machine. No code is sent to the servers.