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7 Blogs Every Android Developer Must Follow

Mastery begins with imitation, it is said. And the best way to become an Android developer is . . . yup, to follow those who are masters today. Here we present you our list of seven Android blogs that will benefit you no matter what skill level you’re at. By reading these regularly, you will get to know the latest and greatest happenings in the Android world and will learn important secrets. Okay, enough oversell already – let’s get down to it!

#1 The Official Android Developers’ Blog

The Android Developers blog is worth its weight in gold. Coming directly from Google, it not only captures the latest tweaks and policy changes in Android but also contains a regular dose of tutorials for developers. And the best part is, these tutorials are highly detailed and accessible. For instance, consider this article about Android Native development and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. So, no matter how you are connected to the Android (even if you’re a power user and not a developer) this blog is a must!

#2 Android UI/UX

If you suffer from perfectionism or want to, Android UI/UX is the place to be. This blog is hailed as the mecca among UI/UX folks, and for good reason – it’s designed to perfection, and it provides UI/UX dissection to pixel-perfect accuracy. From symbolism to data-driven UX to use of colors, everything is provided. There are hardly blogs out there that combine design and UX so beautifully, which is why we suggest you add it to your list of top resources.

#3 Cyril Mottier

Mottier is one of the main pillars of the Android community, excelling both as a developer and a designer. We recommend Cyril Mottier for his conference videos and food-for-thought style posts. While you are not likely to find many how-to guides in his blog, you will be treated with big-picture issues like reducing APK sizes, managing and restoring global state in your app, etc. Highly recommended if you want to level up beyond being a mere coder or designer.

#4 Vogella

If you’ve ever searched for an Android topic, you have come across Vogella already. It’s a resource that’s up there with the official documentation, as far as the opinion of search engines is concerned. We concur, because Vogella has been around for a long, long time, and has high-quality tutorials on Java, Android, and general principles surrounding it. This resource is a godsend for a beginner, say when he is feeling overwhelmed by Dependency Injection, and for the intermediate developer, serves as the stepping stone to mastery.

#5 Android Weekly

Staying updated with the cutting-edge happening is just as important, which is where Android Weekly comes in. It’s not a website or a blog but aims to be a weekly newsletter that curates the best possible blog posts in the Android ecosystem. An impossible task? Perhaps, but truth be told, Android Weekly comes very close to the ideal!

#6 Romain Guy

In case you don’t know, Guy is one of the key engineers involved in the Android project at Google.

Enough said:

#7 Grokking Android

Grokking Android is for hardcore hair-splitting of code and all things related to the Android system. Wolfram Rittmeyer is a popular and much-respected Android developer and will teach you how to think about critical software issues and make your app ready for the big leagues (think large-scale, XMPP-style big). Occasionally the blog will get too hard to keep up with, but that’s what the road to mastery is like.

Yes, it is great to read and keep updated with the latest from the Android world but what many of us miss out often, is the vast security initiatives that are involved in keeping the Android eco-system secure (or at least trying to keep it secure). Follow Devknox Blogs to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news, hacks and incidents from Android Security.

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